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jumpserver (2) Versions 1.0.4

Configures a secure bastion host / jump server

cookbook 'jumpserver', '= 1.0.4', :supermarket
cookbook 'jumpserver', '= 1.0.4'
knife supermarket install jumpserver
knife supermarket download jumpserver
Quality 0%


Chef cookbook to set up a bastion host / jump server.

This will adjust the different SSH forwarding parameters, install fail2ban if
desired and include additional security measures such as adding the
hidepid-parameter etc.

Dependent cookbooks

fail2ban ~> 4.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.


Version 1.0.4

  • Fix style for supermarket upload

Version 1.0.3

  • Add
  • Fix Chef version dependency to work with Chef 13
  • Extract now-deprecated attribute documentation into api.rb

Version 1.0.2

  • Fix syntax error in update recipe

Version 1.0.1

  • Fix bug on metadata.rb file
  • Cleanup

Version 1.0.0

  • Add preliminary tests
  • Fix some smaller bugs
  • Clean ups

Version 0.3.3

  • Add RFC1918 to ignoreip of Fail2Ban; Include reboot for critical updates on RHEL

Version 0.3.2

  • Fix enabling Fail2ban
  • Change default for ssh-forwarding group to true
  • Allow AgentForwarding for everyone, as this is a for jump servers
  • Fix bug with not enabling TCP Forwarding
  • Minor file renames
  • Add more support for SSH logging
  • Add support for limiting forwarding and SFTP-only users, even with ChrootDirectory

Version 0.1.0

  • Initial commit

Collaborator Number Metric

1.0.4 failed this metric

Failure: Cookbook has 0 collaborators. A cookbook must have at least 2 collaborators to pass this metric.